IPTV Solutions


TV over Internet Protocol Head-End Solution that manages content throughout its entire lifecycle, from preparation in a variety of formats to encryption, distribution and publishing. ­ ­




Customer Interface

When a customer downloads the Android app from the Play store in his Android TV or Android Box, he will be able to play content after authentication. This is Module will be developed based on the material design guideline of Google. Its Controller will include the directional pad (D-pad), select, play/pause home, back, and microphone buttons.



Reseller Admin Panel

Create reseller, set quota of customers against each reseller, set Channel quota for each reseller



Authentication System

Each user will be authenticated with JWT token-based authentication. Using this system users will only have to login once a week and for the rest of the week that authentication will be valid based on his subscription.






User Creation System

From this Admin Panel option, an administrator will be able to create New users and put him under the desired package.




CDN Linking Module

Through this module Admin will be able to integrate different CDN by adding different paths as well as multiple feeds.





 Package Creation Module

 Through this module Admin will be able to create different packages e.g Sports, Drama, News for different user base. Here Admin will be able to set prices for different prices as well.




Channel Creation Module

This Module will have Channel logo upload, Name entry, Slug entry, EPG link entry, Category selection entry options.





User related reports, Channel related reports